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Reduced Inflammation = Pain Relief


Vinoprin  One Hour Pain Relief contains a proprietary hops extract containing active  anti-inflammatory components - and designed to be free of  phytoestrogenic and sleep inducing compounds.  In addition, small amounts of peppermint and ginger oils are added to counteract any possible GI upset.

 During  the late 1990s, several research companies began looking for natural  ways to ease the pain of arthritis and other conditions.  Hundreds of  different botanicals were examined. At the end of this painstaking process, about  20 candidates were identified for further study.  All of the prospects,  including higly regarded botanical agents such as curcumin and boswellia  were subjected to in vitro testing to determine their anti-inflammatory  potential.  Of those, the hops extract was identified as having the  highest chance of success. Vinoprin One Hour Pain Relief is made from hops grown in the USA at USDA inspected farms. 

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Vindure 900

In the sun-drenched hills of Bordeaux, France, the red wine grapes produce hundreds of antioxidant polyphenols including Resveratrol and Quercetin, to protect themselves from heat, cold, fungus, and disease.  Scientists have discovered that eating grapes and drinking wine containing these potent compounds may benefit our health too.

Now Vinomis Laboratories brings you the Resveratrol -equivalent of over 100 bottles of red wine (without the alcohol or its calories) in each Vindure™ 900 tablet.   A unique all-natural blend of pure Resveratrol, Powergrape® red wine grape extract from Bordeaux, plus Quercetin.  Designed to promote health and longevity.

The VinThin Story



 Why is it So Difficult to Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

Over 45 million Americans will go on a diet this year. Most will be unsuccessful.

The difficulty is compounded by bad habits we develop over the years like eating too quickly or just out of habit. Often, our portions are too large. Our busy lifestyles have trained us to eat too fast. The “satiety” mechanism can be slow and by the time we get the “I’m full” sensation, we have already consumed too much.

VinThin can help will all these issues. It helps us feel full faster, and feel not nearly as hungry in the first place. A metabolic boost helps burn calories faster too. Over time, it can help change our habits to keep the weight off.


At the Al-Maissam Research Center, near the Sea of Galilee, a renewal of ancient medicinal wisdom is under way. Several years ago, they recreated a traditional herbal blend that can help people lose weight. It curbs appetite, speeds digestion, and helps improve metabolism. Scientists in Copenhagen, Denmark combined the blend with a Japanese dietary fiber to create a patented one-per-day formula. 

Continuing Education

Resveratrol in prevention and treatment of common clinical conditions of aging


While a healthy diet and lifestyle is strongly recommended in prevention of such conditions, the future bodes well for the use of resveratrol and analogues of higher potency than the natural form for treatment of diseases that afflict humans, particularly as they age. US National Library of Medicine   National Institutes of Health

Slowing Cellular Aging – With Resveratrol


How To Slow Cellular Aging Resveratrol appears to be the strongest natural longevity gene-activating substance tested to date. Dr. Joseph Maroon FACS

The Science Behind Vindure


Human Clinical Trials

• 2015-2018 A number of phase II clinical trials are currently under way testing the effects of Resveratrol on Alzheimers biomarkers. More study is necessary before a definitive relationship can be proven, but so far, results are promising.

• 2007 French Agronomic Institute study showed that 400mg of Bordeaux grape extract resulted in a 21% improvement in athletic performance, reduced inflammation by 48% and reduced cellular damage and cramp risk from exercise significantly.

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